Contributions to passive house technologies, by Ecological Institute Veronica

For the first conference on Passive Houses in Czechia, Oct. 18-19, 2005 in Brno, we have prepared a Czech version of a poster presented at 9. PHT, Nejlepší okna se získají užitím rolet s nízkou emisivitou . A 4-page version for print, or English large and print versions, are here too. A functional model of a electric-driven roller blind (like if in an old double-pane window) accompanies the poster.

Initially, there was just a 2-page text on improving windows through low-e blinds, written for the proceedings of the 9. Passivhaustagung (Passive House Congress),, in a html a pdf or a rtf format.

A German version is available too, html a pdf or a rtf format.

Its Czech version,
as well as the very poster with some images, is now available just in a directory listing on another server.

Our lecture/article prepared for the 8. Passive House Congress, held in Krems, Austria, 2004 is available as Moravia on its Passive Way

For more info on Veronica see For Czech info, please go to parent directory. An educational brochure ``Passive house'' (Pasivní dům) issued 2004 is available as a pdf as well, from the list of our publications.